You name it and we have packed it for shipping. From small and fragile, to big and heavy, we have all the right supplies and know-how to get it ready to ship. We can pack fine China, audio equipment, computers, musical instruments, picture frames, rugs, cameras, auto parts, and pretty much anything else. Just bring it down! (Some items may not be ready for a few hours.) Feel free to contact us for any customs jobs.

We also sell various packing materials and boxes.

These are the sizes of the boxes we keep in stock at our store:

6x6x6 8x8x8 9x7x3 11x7x3 10x10x10 12x12x12 30x5x24
14x14x14 16x16x16 18x18x18 20x20x20 24x24x24 12x9x5 36x5x30
16x10x6 17x12x11 18x14x12 19x12x4 20x16x14 24x12x12 36x5x48
24x16x13 30x30x16 4x4x48 10x10x48 15x15x48 24x5x18 38x28x5

If you need a quantity of custom boxes for your business, we can order them for you.

Please call about pricing/availability.

*In addition, we sell packing peanuts, bubble wrap, tape, and other various shipping supplies to suit your needs.